SAMSON Number Wagons

These set off from P1 and make their way through each stage following a distributed learning approach. This example shows how Samson can be distributed throughout P4 or P5.


All of SAMSON comes together in a powerful way

Children are systematically taught mental strategies as well as number bonds and tables facts through the Mental Flipcharts (MF) / Strip Sheets (SS) and Timed Challenge Sheets (TCS).

Mental Strip Sheets (SS) go along with each flipchart: each strip sheet has the same ten questions that are on the flipchart. In addition, there are also 5 word problem questions (11-15).

The Word Problems on the Mental Flipcharts (MF) then show how these concepts and procedures can be applied in a real life circus context.

The mental strategies are linked to Deliberate Practice Timed Challenge Sheets (TCS) in key areas of maths such as area.

Samson offers a developmental approach by breaking down mental maths into component parts: specific mental skills are taught and practised at each stage through the school. Children develop secure mental maths knowledge and skills which will help them solve real life mathematical problems.

They are taught and trained to think and to be good 'decision makers'. They have to make decisions, choose when to use a strategy and when to decide which procedure best fits a particular situation. They have to manipulate numbers quickly in their head and chose the relevant and best strategy for a particular question. Calculations are worked out very quickly which enables them to focus on understanding the question.

They take all knowledge and skills learned through Samson and apply these in independent work such as textbook tasks or real life problems.



My wee daughter loves this scheme. SAMSON is her favourite thing to do at school.

Flipcharts have helped my mental agility; they are getting me to understand and I'm getting better and faster scores. I am quite confident at dividing and multiplying and I use Big Guy number bond.

My grandson came on leaps and bounds with SAMSON last school year. 

Staff have found that focusing on the single strategies benefits their pupils immensely.

I love the fun characters in maths. It is my favourite thing at school.