Ten Key Features of SAMSON

SAMSON ... massively improves children’s mental skills.

+ Addition − Subtraction × Multiply ÷ Division

SAMSON … uses five cognitive science techniques for mastery.
  • Overlearning
  • Deliberate Practice
  • Self-testing
  • Distributive Learning
  • Interleaving

Seven Samson Number Wagons make their way through each stage, each year, destination ‘Mastery’. All aboard: Mastery is our final stop!

SAMSON ... uses creative innovative resources which all come together in a powerful way.

These Samson maths resources can run alongside any core school programme of work for maths. Finally teachers have a fun to teach and easy to deliver planned out resource at their fingertips.

Mental Flipcharts (MF)
for each class P1-P7: each flipchart has 10 questions on flashcards for teaching from or testing.

Mental Flipcharts (Word Problems)
The Mental Flipcharts also contain five word problems set in a circus context.

Mental Strip Sheets (SS)
go along with each flipchart: each strip sheet has the same ten questions that are on the flipchart.

Timed Challenge Sheets (TCS)
are used separately, but alongside mental flipcharts and strip sheets to:
a) Help children learn table facts and number bonds.
b) Provide deliberate practice in specific areas of maths.

SAMSON ... uses mental maths in a real life context.

There are five word problems on every flipchart set in a circus context. Here are the circus characters that will bring the numbers to life:

The Ringmaster

Stephanie (Steph), the Takeaway Tightrope Walker

The Hired Hands Ten and Twenty

Tiny Tim


SAMSON … closes that elusive gap between the less able pupils and the higher achievers.

SAMSON gets it right for every child (GIRFEC): all are given the same opportunity and can succeed - not just a chosen few.

Not only will able children be better but weaker children will also significantly improve: it will make all children cleverer. It means the ‘value added’ in attainment figures will rise significantly.

SAMSON ... goes against the crowd and follows a one way system.

One way, the best way, the most efficient way to master each addition, subtraction, multiplication and division mental strategy.

SAMSON ... offers a structured approach to mental maths.
  • A whole school approach from P1-P7: a structured, systematic programme for mental maths which builds gradually from year to year
  • Planning sheets (Number Wagons) are provided for each stage and each strategy as well as a methodology advice booklet which explains how to deliver Samson.

A daily session takes only 20 minutes. It is easy for any teacher to deliver.

SAMSON ... has been proven to significantly raise attainment.

SAMSON has been used in a large primary school in Dumfries and Galloway (390 pupils) which has a significant area of deprivation within its catchment and a wide range of pupils. Despite this, the attainment figures for mental maths have risen markedly from 82 to over 120 for all P7 pupils.

  SAMSON Average UK Average
2012 82 100
2013 95 100
2014 111 100
2015 124.9 100
2016 121.7 100
2017 124.4 100
SAMSON ... has been produced through working on the frontline.

In classrooms, with children and alongside teachers from P4-P7. The material was first trialled in P7 and then working alongside teachers and pupils in P4, 5 and 6.

SAMSON ... gets the balance right between procedural fluency and number sense.
  • Children can apply the mental strategies and skills to all areas of maths. 
  • They develop number sense and become good decision makers.
  •  Samson helps confidence and encourages flexibility and creativity with numbers.



I am getting faster at the Timed Challenge Sheets, addition, subtraction, multiplication and divide. They are easier now thanks to the Big Guy, step 1 step 2 and best friends 10 and 20.

I think when we do the maths timed sheets in the morning it helps us get faster and learn our sums quicker. It helps me learn when we do Big Guy number bond and step 1 step 2.

I just wanted to say how fantastic I think SAMSON is... I am a parent and know very little about it but have a son in P7 at Troqueer
Primary who has never “got” numbers and “hated maths”...! I found this difficult as i was taught arithmetic well and use “mental maths”
every day at 40.... Since he has started SAMSON he has made huge progress with all aspects of mental maths - it’s quite unbelievable. I
only wish he had benefitted from it sooner! He’s even enjoying numbers and their challenges now which is great. I’m looking forward to
learning a bit more about the strategies and how parents can support the work at home soon. I think it’s a brilliant addition to kids
education and just wanted to thank you very much! All the best, with kind regards. - Happy Parent.

SAMSON has made a real difference in our attainment in mental maths in a very short space of time. Children have responded well to the 'over learning' challenges. Staff are able to identify where the gaps in learning are, focus their teaching and because of the way delivery is organised (having only two teaching groups) their expectations have been raised! Finally, I would say that we are starting to see the benefits of children having better numeracy/computation skills/mental recall in other areas if their maths. Not struggling to work out basic number problems has allowed them to focus on the concepts being taught in mathematics.

Hope Scotland take SAMSON on and then start on the English market as education is so far behind Scotland.